Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Quick Update

A bit tired from online poker bonus clearing. So, I won't write much.

Today's quick trading update. Sold off the Synaptics (SYNA) position at 21.25 today. Took the profits after a fairly short 3-month holding period. Entry at 18.25 on 04/22/2005. Entered into a quick Apple (AAPL) position at 38.25 shortly after the market open. I'm actually going to put in a tight stop here a nickel or so below 38. Order entered, and if it hits it hits, and I'll take a minor loss. Apple's action hasn't been too promising lately, as many of its moves have been on lower volume. But, if the money starts flowing into it, it could really move. Maybe I'm just a gambler. Anyway, still watching EBAY for a possible re-entry.

RFMD continues to push higher. One part of me really wants to book some profits. The Gordon Gecko side of me says that Greed is Good. Earnings are soon, maybe I'll take some off the table prior to their earnings. They've already pre-announced that it'll be better than what was originally expected. Maybe there isn't much additional upside to be had. Anyway, letting it ride for now.

Also, the Altria dividends were paid out yesterday, and they were automatically re-invested. Almost 7% of my Altria position came through re-invested dividends. Quick side note: At HarrisDirect, this dividend re-investment service is free of charge. From what I can tell, this is also a free service in Schwab retirement accounts. I can't speak for their regular trading accounts, however.

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