Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poker and Marriage

It is 6AM, Sunday morning. Why am I up this early? Well, my better half is the maid of honor for a wedding that starts in about seven hours. So, I was awakened by the alarm that was meant for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't fall back asleep right away, so I figured I'd write a bit now.

So, today I will be attending a wedding, which doesn't sound like much fun at all. But, the wedding banquet should be fun and full of drinks. I attended the engagement dinner banquet a little over a year ago, and the groom and his family sure know how to party. All it took was a bottle of Smoking Loon, and his parents were demonstrating to their son how to kiss romantically. All in all, that was a good time.

Yesterday, I played in a charity fundraising poker tournament hosted by a local sorority, Alpha Kappa Omicron. It was a $50 buy-in, but only 55% of the entry fees were put into the prize pool. So, you can't expect to make any money. Even the best players in the world couldn't beat a 45% rake. But, it was certainly fun. Nothing beats getting waited on by a bunch of sorority pledges. Lots of beer, snacks, and sandwiches to be had. It took precisely one bad move with KK on a QQ5 flop, a bad beat with AK vs JT, and a desperation push with A4s against a 22 to knock me out. Before those three hands, I was doing quite well. No one to blame, but myself, since the chain reaction would not have initiated had I not made a foolish play with the Kings.

After my exit, I attended a wedding rehearsal dinner at Gordon Biersch. Had a few drinks with the groom and his boys, which was quite fun. Typical of most men, he indicated that he really wants to get the wedding over with. It's not exciting for him at all. He wants his recently hectic life to go back to normal. I don't blame him.

Let me close this with a random question. I can probably do some research and get the real answer, but I think it's more fun to just estimate and speculate. For the average human adult, how is the weight distributed? I mean, really break it down. What percentage of your weight is from your feet? your calves? your thighs? your chest and belly, and so on?


Anonymous said...

Well, the body weight question has different results for men vs women. Also, it depends on the body type and build of the person. For instance most guys primarially store fat around their gut, however people with an athlectic body types primarially store their fat in their ass and legs.

Brute Force said...

Ya, there's definitely a difference between women and men. But, I guess ultimately, I wanted to talk about metrics. Right now, many use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to figure out if your weight is in a healthy range. I think that by getting more details, we could come up with a better metric. I am also asking this because I feel that my gut is starting to get too large.