Monday, July 11, 2005

A Night of Partying

Well, I just got back from the wedding reception and after party not too long ago. I'm exhausted. The wedding itself was short and sweet. Then there was a nice 4 hour break until the recption banquet began. Anyway, I was seated with the groom's friends. The table was extremely friendly, talkative, and very much the party-type. In fact, our table ended up buying additional bottles of liquor and wine, because we finished our allotment. Remy Martin cognac was the poison of choice at our table. It really was a great night.

I already mentioned what happened at the engagement party about a year ago. Well, the groom's parents did not disappoint. They were still up to their wild and crazy ways. It was really fun. At one point, a bottle of Viagra was being tossed around as a joke.

At my table, I engaged in several conversations. The oddest one was with a guy who used to work in bioinformatics. Anyway, he had a ton of ideas about using learning algorithms to help with sports betting. While his ideas sounded interesting, he obviously had not researched much when it came to actual sports betting. Being unfamiliar with the vig was a clear indication of this. Well, he gave me his business card at the end of the night... who knows, I might e-mail him if I ever feel like trying out some of his ideas for shits. I did mention that they did sound interesting.

I heard from Crestfallen that the typical guy doesn't feel the way I described regarding weddings. Well, at my table, a guy and his wife discussed their wedding. Their opinion? Forget the fancy wedding, save that money and use it for a down payment on a house instead. And, after they said this, another couple at my table basically agreed. So, I stand by what I say. Most men want to simply get the wedding itself over with. Now, I don't mean all men are this way, but I would say that it is a typical feeling.

In any case, I'm pretty beat. Time to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

If a couple already has 20% to put down on a house or already own a home, a marriage ceremony with its accompanying festivities is wonderful. Why not share the love for one another with family and friends. However, most are not in that same position.

To most couples, it is either pay for an exorbitant wedding or put some money down on a house. I’ve seen so many couples elect to have that big wedding and are currently living in an apartment. Again that may be ok for them but I just don’t see the point of spending so much money on one night while that money can be used to greatly improve a couple’s life by allowing for the purchase of a home.

For couples in that dilemma, it may be worthwhile to consider a smaller wedding with family and close friends only. I’ve been to several weddings on a budget and those were alright. I’ve been to one country club wedding where the couple invited people they remotely know. I know for a fact that that couple currently resides in an apartment.

I’m pretty sure most women will have a different take on the matter above. Problem is weddings are so important to women; as a result, men are more willing to bite the bullet and have that lavish wedding knowing that it makes little financial sense rather than hear about it forever. I know I am glad I chose to go the no wedding route because I finally achieved my dream of buying a house. My advice to men who are in that same predicament, have the wedding otherwise be prepared to hear about for the rest of your life whenever an argument gets heated. I look forward to moving into my new house. You would not have heard me say that had I had a lavish wedding.

Anonymous said...

Point taken. However, I am not advocating lavish weddings. The point in contention was whether men want to get the wedding ceremony over and done with, small or large. "Typical of most men, he indicated that he really wants to get the wedding over with. It's not exciting for him at all." I don't agree with this. I do agree you shouldn't blow all sorts of money you don't have on the ceremony, but it's a once in a lifetime moment, so cherish it while it lasts. Yes, wedding preparations are hectic and cause useless arguments, but ultimately it's a celebration of a lifelong union - I can't imagine that most men cannot appreciate the symbolism and gesture of a wedding, and do it just for the sake of the women.

Anonymous said...

"Typical of most men, he indicated that he really wants to get the wedding over with. It's not exciting for him at all." Yes, I agree crestfallen, that was a pretty broad statement that bruteforce made. Apparently, that particular groom wanted to get the wedding over with but that does not necessarily mean that most men feel that way. Moreover, I think bruteforce knows only a handful of men who have had weddings, so take his general statement with a grain of salt.

Me personally, I did not have a wedding so I cannot speculate on how I would have felt. Certainly, a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment, well @ least for about 40% of the population or so, haha. What would help shed light on this whole subject is if married men who have had weddings can comment on the matter. I would venture to say that their responses will differ depending on whether they know their respective wives will view them or not, haha.