Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's Do Some Gambling

Okay, every now and then I gamble. Usually, it's on some trade. Once in a blue moon though, I'll throw some uninformed money on a sports game or two. Looks like we have a blue moon right about now.

I made two NBA wagers today:

LA Lakers at Houston. Houston Rockets -2.5 at +100
Denver at Atlanta. Atlanta Hawks +5.5 at +104.1

It's good to have some gamble in you.

*** Edit #1 ***

We're getting closer to game time, and a quick look at the current odds show that the wagers have moved against me. The bet on Houston can now be had at +104, and the bet on Atlanta is now listed at +135 with the confirmation that Joe Johnson will not play this game. This is what I get for being a sports betting sucker. But, it ain't over till the morbidly obese lady sings.

*** Edit #2 ***

O-fer. That's my name, don't wear it out. So, both bets went down in flames. Lucky for me, the bets were tiny. Still sucks though. Things were looking good for Atlanta in the first half, but they fell apart later on. And, the other game was pretty much meh.

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