Friday, December 15, 2006

Triple Pay

So, I log in to my bank account online to make sure that the paycheck direct deposit took place as it should. I'm a bit confused as my account balance is much larger than where it should be. Upon further investigation, there are three identically sized deposits instead of one. Somehow there was a glitch, and I got paid three times.

I'm thinking to myself... well that's funny, but I guess I had better talk to our payroll person when I get in today. But, I log back in about 15 minutes later, I see that there have been two reversals. I didn't realize they'd be so quick to catch errors like this.

In stock market news... the CPI number came out not long ago, and it was very good. The markets should move on this number. Maybe we'll get that year-end Santa Claus rally after all.

Also, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Harrah's (HET) continues to evaluate its bids and is also contemplating a possible recapitalization of the company which would involve the payout of a special dividend to shareholders. And, I guess there's a joint-effort bid of $88.50 by Penn National Gaming (PENN) and a few financial partners.

And, Amgen (AMGN) is on the move this morning after Roche announced there would be a delay in the approval of Mircera, which is a direct challenger to Amgen's blockbuster drug, Epogen.

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