Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back To Business

Vacation time is now over, and it's time to regain focus on the markets.

Yahoo (YHOO) is a losing trade for me at this point, off 6%. I will continue to hold this, and I do hope that some (or most, but really, who am I kidding) of this end-of-year languor is due to tax-loss selling.

Now that Harrah's (HET) has been sold, I've got cash to deploy. I'm still fairly bullish on the general market, but I do feel that the easier money has been made with the sharp run-up that started mid-year. Still keeping my eyes on a handful of companies, and I'm likely to bolster some existing positions in the weeks ahead. Most likely candidates are Coventry Health Care (CVH) and Form Factor (FORM).

Today has been strong with the Long-Term Portfolio moving up nicely. However, Apple (AAPL) is moving down today on reports of serious stock option impropriety. I'm not sure if the sell-off will be short-lived or not, but my general feeling about these sorts of things is whether or not they affect the underlying business, and in this case I don't really think so.

Speaking of stocks in the portfolio... Altria (MO) is poised to finish the year at all-time highs. It went ex-dividend just last week and continues to track upward. Fortune Brands (FO) is also doing well, looking to end the year on a 52-week high. And, finally General Electric (GE) is starting to move. It hasn't been the greatest stock for me, but it does add a lot of stability to the portfolio. I've held shares for many years now, and continue to re-invest its dividends. Maybe its time to shine is now.

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gaamblor said...

check out mark cubans blog

he had an interesting piece about Microsoft of google going after the itunes market