Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quick Update

Sold the Harrah's (HET) position this morning at $82.87. I guess I was slightly off as to how high shares would trade once the official announcement was made to accept a $90 per share bid. Time to move on, anyway. Along with their CEO, I also don't foresee any new bids in the next 25 days.

It's sort of sad to see the shares go. I bought into the company three times. The initial purchase was made in June of '03 at about $40. I added to the position about a year later in May of '04 just below $52. And, the final purchase was in October the following year near $59 after the hurricanes really took the shares lower. Thanks for the three and a half years. It's been fun.

Also, closed the Palm (PALM) trade at 13.73 earlier for a small gain of 0.13. Had I been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, I would have dumped it near the open when it traded above $14.


gaamblor said...

you need to regain your gaming exposure time for Neteller

Brute Force said...

Will take a look at it. I think my brokerage charges a currency conversion fee prior to purchasing a foreign stock. Also, I'm not familiar enough with the currency-related risks. But, I'll still take a look.