Friday, July 21, 2006

Portfolio Update

Well, the Trading Portfolio has been taking it on the chin as of late. Dell Inc. (DELL) dropped an earnings warning bomb today, and I dumped it this morning for a substantial loss at 19 and change.

Currently hold Broadcom (BRCM) at a cost basis of 25.72, but following last night's 'non-earnings' report, I am down on that position quickly.

In the Long-Term Portfolio, we have Capital One (COF) that failed to meet Wall Street earnings expectations, and that sent shares tumbling. This also affects the Northfork (NFB) position, as they are being acquired by COF.

That's all for now. Will continue to look out for opportunities in this difficult market. At least I recently bought a nice bottle of scotch in case things get really rough.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, cheer up buddy, just sell all your stock, go sit in the 80$ game at Bay, you`ll make it all back in no time at all.

Oh, and don`t drink scotch, drink Irish or even American Whisky dude.


Brute Force said...

I'd get crushed in the 80. I can hang at the 20, but I'll be broke faster in the 80 than I will be hanging on to dogshit stocks.

My trading portfolio stocks are so doggy, they got fleas.