Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zip-It, Poker, and Stocks

I just got in not too long ago from Bay 101. The game was juicy as usual. Not too many interesting hands though... most were fairly straightforward. Only got rivered by 3-outers twice, and my aces held up. In just over 3 hours, I had zero flush draws, and two straight draws. I hit one of them, and was paid off nicely.

Anyway, this is the second time I've played poker since before the Ixtapa trip. At this moment, I've got $0 online. I took out all my online poker funds and used the cash for some of the recent stock purchases. In a couple of years I will either look like a double-idiot or a winnah. It might end up being pretty stupid of me to remove one of my income streams.

Today was a decent day in the market. Lots going on... tomorrow morning, Altria (MO) reports its earnings. After the market closed earlier, Kraft announced its earnings, which were quite strong. In the afternoon, another portfolio holding, Linear Technology (LLTC), reports its earnings.

Now, let me tell you about the clog removal product called Zip-It. It's just the most effective way to get your drains working again. I am a big fan. I've used their products for the past few years, and just this past weekend, I needed to unclog a sink. So, I hit up Home Depot, and got me a Zip-It, and the sink is draining properly again after pulling out some pretty nasty crap. Okay, enough free advertising.

Have a good night.

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