Thursday, January 28, 2010

The More You Know

For the most part, those that are reading this are American. This post is intended for that audience.

We all know that fanny is a slang term for the butt. It's not vulgar, and it is often used as a non-offensive substitute for any of the less appropriate words describing a butt. But, let me ask this... how many of you know that the word fanny means something completely different in British and Australian slang?

In the UK and Australia, fanny is a rather vulgar term referring to female genitalia. I'm a bit shocked that there's such a striking difference in their meaning. Also, in case you were wondering, don't call that bag you wear strapped around your waist a fanny pack if you are ever traveling in those countries. Understandably, they have different names for it. Call it either a hip pack or a bum bag.

I just learned of this yesterday, and I felt it was my duty to make this public service announcement. I'm surprised that I've never come across it before. I should get out more and learn me some culture.

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Duke said...

But feel free to ask for spotted dick in the UK.