Monday, June 23, 2008

Vitus and the Weekend

Over the weekend, I had a pretty busy time. While I mostly hung out with JC, there was a little bit of everything. First, there was a failed attempt to get Mexican food... so, we settled for In 'n Out. Then, there was a quick shopping trip to pick up some stuff for the birthday dinner event, which went fairly well. Finally, yesterday, my cousin (another JC) and her friend and Barber went to play some bocce ball. Our team started off really strong, then we almost lost the game, but we were able to pull through.

Mixed in there some was also a fair bit of running, which I'm getting a bit better at doing. We mostly ran late at night, so there were some random wild animals to be seen. There was a deer (which, I missed), a screech(?) owl, and also an opossum. Screech owls are pretty loud... at first I didn't know what the heck was making the sounds, but then the owl flew out.

Anyway, we also caught a movie on cable called Vitus. It's basically about a super genius kid that is an incredible pianist. His parents really push him to be great, and as you can imagine, this leads to some complications. In any case, the story is decent with a few unexpected paths. I can't say that most of the twists aren't predictable, but in the end, it was still an entertaining movie and one that I would recommend for most people.

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