Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Binaural Recording

Okay, this is just freaking cool. You need headphones, and don't worry it's not some weird prank thing with loud noise to scare you. This is a special type of recording method called binaural recording that apparently dates back to the late 1800's.

Anyway, turn up your sound a little bit and put on headphones. Close your eyes when you listen to the recording. It really is amazing.

The algorithm used for this particular recording is called Cetera.

Here's the audio in YouTube video format. Remember, close your eyes and use headphones.

And, here's one that tries to demonstrate the difference between stereo and binaural.

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IdiotFriend said...

That's a pretty cool online demo.

I'm pretty sure this same technique was used at the Abraham Lincoln / Hall of Presidents animatronics thing at Disneyland. You are given headphones, ushered in to this auditorium and they play a recording that is supposed to be you as a young confederate soldier. Haircut, photograph, war and finally the Gettysburg address. Definitely worth checking out.