Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update

Added to Glatfelter (GLT) today at 14.50. The position is fairly large now after quite a few purchases starting in March 2007. The cost basis of the shares now sits in the low 14's.

--- Edit #1 ---

The market was down today, and most holdings fell... no biggie, that's just the way things work usually. But, one thing was a bit odd with Wet Seal (WTSLA) today. It was trading lower for pretty much all of the last half of the trading session, when in the last 5 minutes of trading, it spiked higher on decent volume.

I consolidated some Time and Sales data, so here it is:

Time - Volume Weighted Price - Volume
3:56-3:57PM - $4.819 - 5000
3:57-3:58PM - $4.831 - 800
3:58-3:59PM - $4.883 - 78103
3:59-4:00PM - $4.908 - 46460
4:00-4:01PM - $4.962 - 113413

No idea if it matters much, but I suppose it's better to see a last minute spike up than a last minute sell-off. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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