Monday, February 11, 2008

More Chess -- Missed Mate

Well, I got my friend Womper to start playing again. We used to play a lot many years ago. Although he's a bit rusty, our games have produced a few complicated positions. Womper's not the only one that's a bit rusty though, as seen by this position from last night where I miss a forced mate.

I'm Black here, and it's my move. Post-game analysis concludes that I overlooked a Mate in 4. I'm posting the position here for anyone that wants to have a look. I'll post up the mating sequence as a comment in a few days if no one else does.


Duke said...

Nc6+ Kb7
Qb5+ Ka8
KxPc7+ RxKc7

Brute Force said...

You have a typo, and the notation backwards (recall, we're looking at the board from Black's point of view). But, it is the correct sequence. Nice work.

Corrected the notation here:

... Nf3+
Kg2 Qg4+
Kh1 Nxf2+
Rxf2 Qg1++