Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool Game - Spin The Black Circle

Okay, this is a cool game. I'm on Level 18 so far on it though I'm not sure how many levels there are. The game is really based on a simple concept. You rotate the circle which shifts the direction of the gravitational pull. So far that game has been both challenging and quite entertaining.

Spin the Black Circle

*** Edit #1 ***

OK, well I'm stuck pretty good on Level 20. Duke was able to get past it and the next level already. I will have to work on this game some more.

*** Edit #2 ***

I finally beat the game... there are 24 levels total. The last one is a real tough one... at least for me. I spent close to 2 hours before I could beat it. After beating it my total time was near 10 minutes. So, I replayed a few of the levels to try and better my overall time.

Here's an image showing my current best times.

And, to give you an idea of how sick some people are, the top 100 times range from 1 minute 29 seconds to the 4 minute mark. Very sick. I have no idea how anyone can get even close to that, but I guess it's possible.


Duke said...

There are 23 levels.

Brute Force said...

I think you meant to say 24 levels... I know you finished it already, and I just finished it a minute ago.