Friday, February 08, 2008

Once In A Blue Paycheck

So, my buddy Dan brought something to my attention that was of numerically quirky interest. It turns out that for some people this year, February is a 3-paycheck month. This would happen if you're paid every other Friday, and your company's rotation is such that you were paid on the first Friday of the year. For those who were paid on the 2nd Friday of the year, you won't get to see your 3-paycheck February until 2036, a good 28 years from now.

This is an event that happens once every 56 years. Not quite a Halley's comet, but it is rarer than seeing a Blue Moon twice in a single year (approximately once every 19 years according to this site).


Corybear said...

FYI, the proper spelling for the comet's name is Halley

Brute Force said...

Thanks... fixed it. And, yes, I really did know the right spelling, really, I did! Heh.