Friday, October 05, 2007

Sears Online Rant

I'm really steaming right now. has basically given me the most horrific buying experience ever, and I'm currently in the process of getting the entire issue resolved. I'll list the key points of the story below.

1) Washer/Dryer ordered on the Website in early September. Says it should be delivered in 3-5 business days... awesome.

2) They contact me telling me that there is a delivery delay as the model I ordered wasn't in stock at the warehouse. Ugh. But, they offer me a $25 gift card, so I'm like, okay no biggie. New delivery date is set, but I'm going to be in Italy, so we re-scheduled it for today, Oct 5.

3) My credit card bill shows 2 seemingly unrelated charges from Sears. One is for the correct purchase amount, the other is some random amount. I assume it's a system glitch, and I contact Sears and my credit card company. The incorrect charge is refunded... cool.

4) I receive no courtesy delivery phone call yesterday, as promised. So, this morning I call them to find out what the deal is, and to get a tighter delivery window if possible. I am told that the order doesn't exist. It has been canceled completely and marked fraudulent, yet I have already paid for it.

5) I get transferred around on the Sears customer service system for a while, and then when I finally get to talk to a human being, she tells me that the all the Sears systems are down that have the billing records, and now I need to contact them in an hour or so, and pray that their system is back up and running.

So, that's where I'm at right now. What a nightmare... worst.experience.ever.

I am going to write their corporate headquarters about this, but I doubt anything will happen as a result. Maybe I should vote with my pocketbook, and cancel the order completely. Only thing is that I spent a great deal of time researching models and everything. So lame... completely unacceptable.

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