Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

*** Updated with pictures. ***

No, wait. It's not raining, my house is leaking from an improperly installed overflow drainage system. And, here I am waiting for the home builder's contractors to show up. They plan on ripping open my ceiling and access the plumbing upstairs from below. Then, there's going to be days of drying, followed by patching everything back up and repainting.

They are also sending over some sort of air quality hygienist to test the air to ensure there's no mold issues. I don't think there should be any, since I contacted them pretty quickly about the issue. There shouldn't be any rot at this early stage.

So, I guess I'm the unluckiest homeowner... well, I take that back. Those folks down in SoCal are really hurting badly. I have a lot of friends down there, and several of them are working from home due to the fires. My dad even said that the hallways where he works carry a smoky smell.

Whatever. This is a crappy day. Hopefully, your day is a lot better than mine.


Here's what I see now when I look towards the kitchen from the family room. They've completely sealed off the kitchen, and began cutting out chunks of the ceiling. And, now they've brought in a few pieces of machinery to dry out the area. What a production.

And, this simple tub overflow washer was what caused all of this to begin with. First, notice that it's not radially symmetric. One side is thicker than the other. That one subtlety is important, as whoever installed it, did so upside down. Can you believe that? Ridiculous.
One cool thing from all of this was that I did get to see them use an infrared scanner to detect exactly where the water had spread above the ceiling of the kitchen.

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