Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poker Update

I'm hoping that tonight marks the start of my poker turnaround. I started off the session running really, really cold. It was almost an hour and a half before I picked up Pot A. Then, I finally had a few hands hold up along with one where I got pretty lucky against CK. We were both blinds, and he flopped bottom two pair when I hit top pair with a flush draw. We went to war, and I caught my flush to beat him.

It wasn't long until I was up around 350. Then, I suffered a few brutal beats, mostly against an old grumpy lagtard. I spun my wheels for a few hours, then climbed back to near my peak, finishing the session at +326. I still feel that my game is decent, so for now I won't be changing anything. It'll be good to get back into a winning groove.

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