Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend wasn't too bad. Friday was pretty lame, because I ended up working late. But, Saturday night was full of fun. QB and I went out to a group dinner at Vaso Azzurro in Mountain View to celebrate the birthday of Eva... who is someone that we go party with from time to time.

The restaurant was small and fairly cozy despite it being quite busy when we arrived. The food was decent. It was flavorful and looked nice. But, it wasn't anything special. But, I felt everything was reasonably priced, so I'd definitely consider going back if I was in the area and wanted to do Italian. QB and I both ordered from their nightly specials list. She had the Risotto, and I went with the Lamb Shank. The third dish shown below is the Salmon Stromboli, which the birthday girl's boyfriend ordered (and, allowed me to take a picture of).

Lamb Shank



After dinner, we all headed out to Molly McGee's for some pre-clubbing drinks. Then, we walked across the street to Monte Carlo, which is a club dominated by Latin folk, since they have an upstairs salsa music room. The music was pretty good, but the drinks were way overpriced. The group was able to secure a couple of tables, which really made things easier. Because I know that Spud will ask me about it, I'll go ahead and tell him here... yes, there were lots of latina hotties at the club.

After we left the club, I figured I'd go and recoup some of the cash I dropped on drinks. So, we end up at the card room, where I play a couple of hours. I didn't make all of it back, but I'll take a 50% off night any night of the week.

We finished the weekend off with an uneventful at-home Super Bowl viewing. I'm glad the Colts won. I liked the Colts a long time ago (back when Ryan Leaf was QB). Too bad the last couple of years I haven't really been into football at all. Would have been nice to see a team you've rooted for finally come through and take home the big prize. Anyway, that about sums it up.

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