Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick Update and Thought

So, shares of Yahoo! (YHOO) will be called away this weekend. The stock ran up a fair bit past where I was willing to purchase back the sold calls. Depending on how shares trade next week, I will figure out how I want to re-establish the position. I still strongly believe that the company will begin showing the investment community strong results, and I do want to own it for the longer-term. My hope is that shares don't run away from me.

Also, I know some of you have been interested in Constellation Brands (STZ). At current prices below $24, I believe that shares are now entering into the 'a bit too cheap' region. Shares are down a bit today, probably due to a Goldman Sachs downgrade. And, doing a blog search, here's a link to someone that agrees: iBooyah's Take on STZ.

If I can free up some cash soon, and if shares remain in the sub-$24 range, I might be bolstering the existing position with another purchase. I don't want to use potential YHOO money to buy it, so I'm going to have to find the funds elsewhere. Since I front-end load my 401k, money is always a bit tighter early in the year.

And, have a Happy Chinese New Year's weekend, if that's your thing.

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