Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Earnings Call Roulette

It's that time again, where I throw caution to the wind and make a small earnings call gamble. I'll be betting on black... Silicon Storage (SSTI) at 4.91. This is a small flash memory company that I did very well with long, long ago during the great Nasdaq bubble. On a price to earnings basis, shares aren't all that expensive compared to peers. Then again, the stock has run up quite a ways, so I could end up with a black eye.

In any case, the croupier has spun the wheel, the bet has been placed, and the ball is going round and round. Where will it land?


gaamblor said...

looks like you are also a contrarian indicator for earning release gambling

Brute Force said...

Ha ha. Yes, it does seem that way. Afterhours volume was light, so I can't read much into it. But, I also don't see anything too exciting about the release, so I'll be taking an expected loss some time tomorrow.