Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Big Earnings Day and Hot Wings

Tomorrow is the last day of the month... and, it is also a big day for the Long-Term Portfolio. Earnings will be announced for three of the larger positions. #1 Altria Group (MO), #3 Form Factor (FORM), and #8 Eastman Kodak (EK). Looking forward to hearing about Altria's plans for breaking up and the Kraft spin-off.

Also, as much as it sucks to be down a quick 10% or so on SanDisk (SNDK), I think I'm pretty much stuck here. It's sort of like being pot-committed in poker... you know you're not likely to have the best hand, but the pot's giving decent enough odds for you to call with an inferior hand. Before the earnings, I was pretty confident that $40 would have been a reasonable post-earnings near-term floor if anything went wrong with the earnings release and subsequent conference call.

I looked at everything again and took in the news best as I could, and while I was obviously wrong, I am going to have to stick with my own analysis and say that at $38, the company starts looking quite inexpensive. Call me a sucker, a bagholder, or a clown. You're probably right, but I think I'm stuck here. I've got to hold on and see how this hand develops in the near-term. Fasten your seatbelts, this could get ugly.

On a completely different note, QB and I met up with some friends at Cluck University Chicken for some beers and SPICY buffalo wings. We got had mostly normal food, but we also got an order of the Global Thermal Nuclear chicken wings. They were pretty damn hot. Not anywhere near as hot as Dave's Insanity Sauce, but freakin' hot nonetheless. Pretty fun place. I'd definitely go back.

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