Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Hike and the Mutant Cheeto

Today, we went on a hike over at Mission Peak in Fremont with our buddy D-Pac (of the Shakur tribe). He used to do the hike every week, but he's apparently stopped and hasn't done it in a while. I've never done it, and I was pretty impressed with how tough it was given that it was less than 3 miles up. Then again, I'm really not a hiker, and I'm also an out of shape software guy. Ha ha.

After the hike, the three of us treated ourselves to some Elephant Bar food. D-Pac and I must have had 4 glasses of lemonade each, and QB had a Mojito that wasn't quite as good as those she had at the Cuban-themed ERR party.

Before I forget, here's a picture of the mutant Cheeto. I put it next to a normal one to really put it into perspective. For those of you that don't eat Flamin' Hot Cheetos... the small red one is the mutant. All normal Cheetos more or less look like the bigger one.

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