Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Quick Update

Took a bite of Form Factor (FORM). The company announced a stellar quarter couple days ago, and the stock moved huge to the upside yesterday. Picked up a piece at 36.20.

I've been following the company for some time, and I never did get around to buy it when it was still low. Maybe I'm chasing a bit here, but I do believe the company is pretty strong. A buddy of mine works there, and he's always very bullish on the company and its technology. Their chip testing technology has no peers from what I have heard, and they are currently actively hiring and looking to expand their operations. Anyway, I first announced that I had put the company on the radar long ago in this post. Too bad I hadn't taken a position earlier...

Also, Apple (AAPL) continues to be a slight pain in the rear.

*** Edit #1: Closed out my "gambling" positions for losses. Closed out the AAPL bull call spread at 0.25 for a net loss of 0.95. Also, dumped the Google (GOOG) call option at $1.65 for a nice 95% loss. Might as well get something for it while I can.

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