Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bread Crusts, Poker, and Forbidden China

I have never preferred bread crust over the bread white. If I had to choose between an end or a middle section of a bread loaf, I would most certainly opt for a middle piece. I think most people fall into the same category as me. But, I do know someone who prefers the ends.

That same person also prefers harder, crunchier foods over soft foods. I know that I generally like softer foods. I wonder if there's a connection there. Anyway, I just thought about this a bit today while eating a tasty omelette at one of my favorite local breakfast places, Omega Coffee Shop. Maybe there's no correlation at all between preferring soft foods and preferring bread white. Maybe for the most part it has to do with taste. I have no idea, but that's pretty much what I thought about this morning as the Colts were getting their ass kicked by the Steelers.

Been playing on Full Tilt Poker recently. I signed up a week ago. They're offering a $600 bonus. Seems ridiculously hard to clear the bonus if you play anything less than $3/6. But, if you play at $5/10 and higher, the bonus can be cleared without too much difficulty. The games are not so bad. Definitely softer than Poker Stars, but not quite as juicy as the games on Party. I did fool around a bit playing $1/2 Razz. It was fun. I don't know much about strategy, but I did read a little bit about the game before I jumped in to play. I did okay, but I doubt the game will become anything more than an occasional diversion.

The main gripe about Full Tilt Poker is that their damn system goes down more often than it should. I think they are working on this stability issue, but if the problems continue, I'll have no choice but to stop playing there. Many pros get play on their site, and when they do play, the table in which they are seated is highlighted. Huck Seed was at my $10/20 table the other night, which was pretty cool. I only tangled with him once, and I outflopped him with K9 suited in the small blind versus his AJ offsuit in the big blind. So, I guess versus ex-World Series of Poker champions, I am net positive. Ha ha.

Ok, I'll end this with a couple of pictures from the China trip. If you ever get a chance to hike the Great Wall in an area not populated by tourists, be sure not to go the wrong way. Obey the rules of the road...

(Click Pictures to Enlarge)

... or face the consequences.


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