Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Apple Picking and More

In an effort to reduce my effective basis on Apple (AAPL), I picked up a couple more pieces of AAPL at 74.17 and 73.94. Will unwind these extra positions as we move higher, or the positions will get stopped out at 73.50.

*** Edit #1: Exited one piece just now at 75.24.

*** Edit #2: The other piece was just sold at 75.67. So, we are back to our original position at a much lower cost basis. Will calculate and update in a future post.

*** Edit #3: Spud jumped in to play some Google (GOOG) in anticipation of its earnings to be released shortly after market close... In a show of support, I decided to throw out a small gamble and picked up a single Feb 430 call contract at 28.40. If GOOG moves up, great. If not, them's the breaks.

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Anonymous said...

You went from a red delicious to a granny smith.