Monday, January 09, 2006

B-School, Expedia, and a Useless Object

Well, many of you know that I've been quite busy with Business School applications. As of 10 minutes ago, with the exception of proofreading and essay polishing, I am now completely done with the third and final application. The other two applications were due earlier in the week, and have since been submitted. I hope to hear back from the schools soon. Since I only applied to three, the admission statistics tell me that there's a serious chance that I get into none of them.

On a different note, I am going to be selling Expedia (EXPE) from the Trading Portfolio. Recall that EXPE was a spin-off from IAC Interactive (IACI), which I obtained as a result of its purchase of Ask Jeeves (ASKJ).

Oil is still in the mid-60's, and while many are hoping the travel industry picking up, I am not so sure. I will be selling into the run-up the stock has enjoyed since it bottomed in November. These gains will be taxed at the lower long-term rate, since I first purchased ASKJ over a year ago.

And here's the useless object for the day... my very own Lava Lamp. Not sure it really helps the room at all, but it's new so I've been keeping it on at night lately.

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