Friday, January 27, 2006

The Next Few Days

First thing's first... there's a worm in my Apple (AAPL). My entry in the 77's isn't looking so hot right now. But, I was able to shave off about 70 cents from my cost basis, so we're looking at 76.50 or so. I was able to shave some off by selling shares and then buying them back cheaper with the full intention of buying them back even if it meant I had to buy it back a little bit higher. Fortunately, that didn't happen. Also, you have no idea how relieved I am to have taken the Broadcom (BRCM) loss at 57. Today, the company announced one of the most spectacular quarters, and the stock finished trading afterhours over $70. Naz futures are up nicely at this hour, and the Nikkei posted a rather sick gain of nearly 570 points (or nearly 3.6%). Finally, Juniper Networks (JNPR) was a thorn in my portfolio today... I'll be looking to take a loss in that position soon and be done with it.

Ok, enough stock talk.

Tomorrow, my good friend, Spud, flies in to town from SoCal. He'll be here for the weekend to attend the Last ERR Party Ever, aptly named Apocalypse Ranch (entire list of video invitations here). This party has gotten a ton of hype, and I am quite confident that it will live up to it, and then some.

Here's a snippet from an e-mail I received from one of the original ERR guys:

TONS of people are flying in for the party. It certainly has all the opportunity to be our greatest party to date.

When people are willing to fly cross-country for a single party, you gotta believe it's going to rock.

On Saturday, another SoCal partygoer will be arriving... Ms. Mt. Fuji. Here's the current parlay... She promises to get really trashed and not jump all over any of my friends when in a drunken state. I'll lay 2 to 1 odds against. Just kidding... I'm sure she'll behave, but she is a ton of fun and the ERR is going to be a better place with her there.

I'm really quite pumped up about this weekend. It is really going to be supercharged. I also feel a bit sad that the ridiculous string of the most ridiculously good parties is all coming to a most ridiculous end.

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