Sunday, June 05, 2005

Little Havana and a Bit of Fruit

Yesterday, I was in Little Havana smack in the middle of Palo Alto. The Executive Ranch of Ridiculousness ( threw another monster party. This one had a Cuban theme and started early around 2pm and went till who knows when. The party was a blast, plenty of food, beers, cocktails, and even a variety of cigars. I overindulged, and today I paid for it. Being hung over for most of Sunday afternoon is not my idea of fun.

Now that I've fully recovered, let's talk a bit about Apple. Frankly, I'm surprised that the Intel rumors turned out to be true. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jobs will be announcing the news officially on Monday. I see this as a long-term good move, but in the short-term, there will be some serious obstacles. I guess for right now, I'll be keeping an eye on how the market will take the news. Not sure if I want to re-establish a position or not. And, if I do, I'm not sure at what price. Futures look strong right now... looks like that AMAT position of mine will continue to bring the pain. Boo!


Anonymous said...

Come on now man. You gotta tell us more about the party @ the ERR.

Anonymous said...

Let’s put some life into this blog man. I mean look @ Suga’s blog. It is vivacious. How about some off-beat comments and I don’t mean anything about every one’s favorite color?