Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Adventure

We thought about trying something different for dinner on Friday night. We decided on Creole food. After reading quite a few reviews of various restaurants, we chose to make the half-hour drive to San Carlos and dine at Creola.

From the outside, the restaurant is very unassuming. If one were to drive by it, nothing special would have been thought about it at all. But once inside, there was a definite romantic ambience present. There were a decent number of selections to choose from, and the prices were reasonable, ranging from $12 to $25.

We ordered crawfish hushpuppies to start, which were delicious. Next, we shared a rather fancy salad topped with slices of pear and also a bowl seafood gumbo. For the main course, I had the Cajun Jambalaya and Alligator feast, and she had the Seafood Pasta which had plenty of crawfish. The portions were not too small, and so we were completely stuffed after this, not leaving us any room for dessert. I highly recommend this restaurant, and I will likely go here in the future if I have an itch for Southern cooking.

On Sunday, we decided to check out Bonfante Gardens, the home of the Circus Trees. In addition to the oddly grafted trees are several very well-kept botanical gardens. The park is often considered a place for young children, but I enjoy it for the scenery and the variety of plants on display. From what I've read, nowhere else in the world can one find these types of circus trees

Circus Trees at Bonfante Gardens

Rocky Scenery at Bonfante Gardens

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Anonymous said...

Dude you ate some gator? What did it taste like? I worked with a guy from Lake Charles before. He told me that growing up in LA they ate gator all the time.

Speaking of Bonfante Gardens, "The park is often considered a place for young children" which explains why you enjoyed so much. Kidding aside, the scenery does look great. Them trees are wacky lookin'.