Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Vegas and More

Had a wonderful time in Vegas. I flew in Friday evening, and met up with the Marquis, Crest, and PetDander. I spent Friday night through early Saturday morning playing a 10-hour session of drunken poker with PetDander. The games were extremely soft, and so we both ran over the tables. We played sober poker on Saturday afternoon, and made a few more bucks. On Saturday night, we played a profitable session at the new Wynn hotel. Then, I decided to give back a little over half of my poker winnings playing some negative expectation games including Blackjack (no counting), Caribbean Stud, and Roulette.

Also, while in Vegas, I caught part of the National Spelling Bee on TV. That was really some ridiculous stuff I saw. The words were ridiculous, but even more ridiculous was that these kids were actually able to make use of the etymologies and figure out their proper spellings. Seriously weird words. I looked a few of them up and many of them only show up in unabridged dictionaries.

Anyway, I caught one of the first flights out of Vegas on Monday morning. I then proceeded on to work, where I was reasonably productive. Then I crashed hard when I got home. Today was a much better day for both me and the market, although EBAY is down about a buck from my poor entry. The rest of the market moved pretty solidly today after oil prices backed down a bit and consumer confidence had a strong showing. Constellation Brands (STZ) is going to join the S&P500, which is pretty awesome. Not too much else to report.

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Anonymous said...

You should rent the movie Spellbound, if you haven't already seen it. It is a documentary about kids who have reached the final round of the Howard Scripps National Spelling Bee. It is pretty sick as to how much effort and time these kids study for this thing. Its also pretty sick and somewhat funny to see how their parents push these kids.