Friday, June 10, 2005

Poker Vacation

It has been a while since I've forced myself to take a vacation from poker. I basically had a pretty sick run of beats tonight in the Party Poker 15/30. I guess this is the world that my friend, the Marquis, lives in. Half of my beats came in the form of being outdrawn, often times by holdings with slim chances. The other half of the time I was simply outflopped and got hurt. I cannot remember the last session of poker where I encountered what seemed like a neverending stream of the following: flopped sets against my flopped two pair, flopped two pairs against my top pair top kicker, or flopped straights versus my sets. All in all, it was grueling. I might not play until I head out to Vegas at the end of the month.

My friend, PetDander, is going to be there along with the Marquis, who lives there. Should be fun. Hopefully, I'll be fresh and ready to take advantage of the juicy games there when I go.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, wasn’t your night I guess. You got the AXE. Market dropped today. I’m getting the AXE today on AJ/SYNA. Your AMAT short is improving but hey it’s still over $17. So, you’re still an AMATeur. I think I’ve officially milked AMATeur to death now. Glad we got out of EBAY eh. That puppy’s lookin’ weak.

But the highlight of the day was all the 2+2 posts. Man I was hooked on it.

I hope you have fun in Sin City. I wanted to come you know but figured would not fit in with the crew of poker players. As you know, I don’t play poker. Suga goin’?

Brute Force said...

Definitely not my night. AMAT is hurting, but I'm pleased that its presence reduces my portfolio variance. Though, my intention was not to hedge. AAPL and EBAY dumps were great... got out $4 and $2 above where they're trading currently. Can't complain about that. Sooga hates me, so I am 100% sure he's not going.