Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Action

I put on a bull call spread on Apple (AAPL) today. It's a really small bet, so I suppose it might be seen as just a little bit of fun. They announce earnings tomorrow after the market close.

Bought AAPL May $160 Calls (APVEL) at $11.14
Sold AAPL May $170 Calls (APVEN) at $6.99

Payout Summary (upon expiration on May 16):

Break-even at 164.15. Max Gain of $5.85 at 170+. Max Loss of $4.15 at 160-. Linear across these points.

1 comment:

gaamblor said...

good luck, i'd go the other way on apple for this report but i'm not putting anything on