Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pub Quiz - 04/12/10

These are late, but better late than never. This time, we had help from a third team member (Barber, for those who know him). He complements us really well, as we were able to get 15 correct this time (would have been 11 without him), which was good for a 3-way tie out of 28 teams. And, we were also one word away from 16, but this is pub quiz and neither horseshoes nor hand grenades.

As for the 3-way tie... we were not eligible for the tiebreak round. The first tiebreak is based on number of team members, and the other two teams consisted of only two. The tiebreaker question for the two of them was about the number of words in the English language, excluding scientific words. The answer was surprisingly large... something in the neighborhood of 600K.

Here are the questions from last Monday.

1) Who sang the hit song, Bette Davis Eyes, in 1981?
2) A commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, what does ADHD stand for?
3) What is the name of Hilary Duff's singing sister?
4) Which artist released Brave in 2007 and Love in 2010?
5) What territory is in North-Western Canada and East of Alaska?
6) What creature can detect one part blood in 100 million parts water?
7) What is Jennifer Grey's unfortunate nickname in the 1987 movie, Dirty Dancing?
8) On what side of the road do they drive in Japan?
9) Name the 2004 movie, starring Julia Stiles, about an American girl who falls in love with the Prince of Denmark?
10) What 1988 movie is the following quote from: "I have a brain for business and a body for sin."
11) In what town is the British BBC comedy series, The Office, set?
12) What color shirts did the Secret Service Nazi troops wear in the 1940's?
13) Who wrote the opera, The Marriage of Figaro?
14) What word describes the study and tracing of family pedigrees?
15) Which director was famous for most of the 'Brat Pack' movies?
16) What disease is defined as a permanent intolerance to gluten that results in the damage of the mucosa of the small intestine?
17) What Hawaiian acknowledgement can be used to say both Hello and Good-bye?
18) What side did the group, Musical Youth, ask people to 'Pass the dutchie from' in 1983?
19) What is the surname of the royal family in the principality of Monaco?
20) In what year was Arnold Schwarzenegger voted Governor of California?

Answers and some comments in ROT13 (copy and paste to this link for translation):

1. WP unq ab vqrn, naq V ernyyl fubhyq unir orra noyr gb pbzr hc jvgu vg evtug njnl fvapr V npghnyyl yvxr gur fbat naq vg'f ba bar bs zl ZC3 cynlyvfgf. Ohg, vg jnf nyy bxnl... Oneore erpnyyrq gur pbeerpg nafjre nsgre n srj zvahgrf. Vg jnf Xvz Pnearf.

2. Rnfl bar... Nggragvba-Qrsvpvg Ulcrenpgvivgl Qvfbeqre.

3. Ntnva, V'z ab uryc. Obgu Oneore naq WP xarj gur nafjre gb or Unlyvr Qhss.

4. N gevcyr fghzcre sbe hf... gur nafjre vf Wraavsre Ybcrm.

5. Fhecevfvatyl, V jnf gur bayl bar gung tbg guvf bar. Vg'f gur Lhxba.

6. Gur guerr bs hf jrag jvgu Terng Juvgr Funex, juvpu jnf npprcgnoyr. Gurl jrer ybbxvat sbe gur trarevp nafjre bs funex, fb nyy inevnagf jrer qrrzrq tbbq.

7. Bayl Oneore xarj guvf bar. Onol vf gur nafjre.

8. WP tbg guvf bar evtug njnl, ohg V guvax jr nyy xarj. Vg'f gur yrsg unaq fvqr.

9. Abj, guvf bar jr nyzbfg unq pbeerpg gunaxf gb Oneore. Gur nafjre vf Cevapr naq Zr. Bhe nafjre jnf Cevapr naq V. WP naq V unq ab pyhr, fb jr jrag jvgu Oneore'f nafjre. V fhccbfr, jr fubhyq unir tbar jvgu gur tenzzngvpnyyl pbeerpg Cevapr naq Zr. [Ba n fvqr abgr, n crg crrir bs zvar vf jura crbcyr hfr V vapbeerpgyl... vg vf ABG "Tvir gur zbarl gb Wbua naq V." Vg vf "Tvir gur zbarl gb Wbua naq zr." -- V fubhyqa'g or hfrq nf na bowrpg... gurer ner n srj rkprcgvbaf bs pbhefr.]

10. Bapr ntnva, WP naq V jrer pyhryrff, naq Oneore pnzr guebhtu jvgu Jbexvat Tvey.

11. Abar bs hf unq nal vqrn. V guvax jr chg qbja Oevtugba. Gur pbeerpg nafjre vf Fybhtu.

12. Jr nyy svtherq guvf bar jnf tenl. Gbb onq sbe hf. Gur pbeerpg nafjre vf oynpx.

13. WP chg qbja gur pbeerpg nafjre bs Zbmneg vzzrqvngryl.

14. Nabgure cerggl rnfl bar... trarnybtl.

15. Bayl Oneore xarj gur nafjre, juvpu jnf Wbua Uhturf.

16. WP naq V obgu xarj Pbryvnp Qvfrnfr gb or gur nafjre.

17. Gur nafjre sbe guvf bar vf Nybun, juvpu WP nafjrerq orsber Oneore naq V rira tbg n punapr gb ernq gur dhrfgvba.

18. Oneore naq WP xarj guvf bar jnf "gur yrsg unaq fvqr."

19. Abar bs hf unq n pyhr. Gur pbeerpg nafjre vf Tevznyqv.

20. Nsgre fbzr guvaxvat nobhg vg, Oneore naq V unq n fgebat vapyvangvba. Jr chg qbja 2003, juvpu jnf pbeerpg.

As you can see, I'm really kind of a useless team member. My knowledge overlaps too much with JC and Barber. A winning strategy would be to oust me and find someone else. Ha ha.

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Duke said...

1. kim carnes
2. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
3. no idea
4. no idea
5. Northwest Territories (if it's yukon I'm a retard)
6. Shark
7. Baby? Not sure.
8. Left.
9. no idea
10. Fatal Attraction?
11. Surrey?
12. Green?
13. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
14. Genealogy
15. John Hughes
16. not sure
17. Aloha
18. The left? idea
20. 2004?