Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Much For Brain Games

Nature published a study on brain training via computerized tests, such as those found in Brain Age or Brain Challenge, this week. Unfortunately, their conclusion was not what I would have hoped for; these games do not increase cognitive function. It's a shame, because I actually find those types of games entertaining.

The study shows that any skills obtained from training on one particular task does not transfer to other tasks even when the tasks are cognitively closely related! That's surprising to me.

Anyway, read the actual paper here: Putting brain training to the test.

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Duke said...

That's surprising.

Getting better at Guitar Hero made me immediately better at DDR (went from getting Cs on light to being able to pass Cartoon Heroes on standard in the arcade on a sight read). Perhaps it's a completely different part of the brain that is used for any muscle movement, and maybe perceptive ability isn't the same as reasoning.

Or maybe the majority of people are incapable of learning anyhow.