Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pub Quiz - 04/19/10

Here are pub quiz questions from last Monday. With 14 correct out of 20, we tied with one other team for 4th out of 24. There was a sole winning team that got 16 correct, and there were two teams with 15/20.


1) What group originally released 'Wild Thing' in 1966?
2) Disgraced US football star, OJ Simpson, starred in what movie spoof series in the 80's and 90's?
3) In which part of body would you find the jugular vein?
4) In which part of body would you find the ulna bone?
5) Which superhero resides beneath the sea and can command all marine life with telepathic abilities?
6) How many women did Ross marry in the TV series, Friends?
7) True or False. Armadillos can be housebroken.
8) What is the name of the car part that recharges your battery after it starts your car?
9) What country would you be in after landing at the Freeport International Airport?
10) What is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been ruled by a European nation?
11) What is the name of the bartender in Love Boat?
12) What American city is the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, set in?
13) Which tourist attraction can be seen from outer space and is the largest single structure made by living organisms?
14) Who directed the 2005 movie version of the classic story, King Kong?
15) Which band released the album, August and Everything After, in 1993?
16) Who wrote the classic tale, The Hare and the Tortoise?
17) What Elvis Presley song was the first record to reach No. 1 on Billboard's Country and Western, Rhythm and Blues, and Pop charts in one week?
18) How many players take part in a game of pachisi, the national game of India?
19) What country does the rice and shellfish dish, Paella, originate from?
20) The Matterhorn straddles the border of Switzerland and which other country?

Answers and brief comments, as usual, please use ROT13 to decode...

1) Jr tbg guvf jebat. Gur nafjre vf gur Gebttf.
2) Jr nyy xarj guvf bar... gur Anxrq Tha frevrf.
3) Rnfl bar -- guebng.
4) Nabgure rnfl bar -- sbernez.
5) Guvf bar, bayl Oneore xarj... Ndhnzna.
6) Oneore naq V qrongrq guvf n ovg naq jr bevtvanyyl fnvq guerr, juvpu jr gura punatrq gb gjb nsgre pbaivapvat bhefryirf gung ur arire ernyyl zneevrq bar bs gurz ba gur fubj. Hasbeghangryl, gur nafjre jnf guerr.
7) Jr svtherq guvf unq gb or gehr, bgurejvfr vg jbhyqa'g or erznexnoyr rabhtu gb or gevivn-jbegul. Naq, vg'f gehr.
8) Nabgure gung jr nyy xarj... nygreangbe.
9) Jr nyy qrongrq n ovg, naq jr jrer guvaxvat vg jnf rvgure va gur Pnevoorna be va Nsevpn. Jr jrag jvgu Yvorevn, naq gur nafjre jnf gur Onunznf. V qba'g guvax jr'q unir fnvq gung pbhagel rira vs jr pubfr gur cebcre ertvba.
10) WP naq V xarj guvf bar... gur nafjre vf Gunvynaq.
11) Oneore pnzr guebhtu jvgu Vfnnp. WP naq V unq ab pyhr.
12) Abar bs hf unq n pyhr. Gur nafjre vf n znqr-hc pvgl pnyyrq Fnyrz.
13) Jr vavgvnyyl jrer guvaxvat Terng Jnyy bs Puvan, ohg gura V zragvbarq gung V gubhtug gung Terng Oneevre Errs znqr zber frafr. Jr nyy gnyxrq nobhg vg, naq jr nyy unq n inthryl erzrzorerq gung gur Terng Jnyy bs Puvan vfa'g npghnyyl ivfvoyr sebz fcnpr. Fb, jr jrag jvgu gur errs, naq vg jnf, va snpg, pbeerpg.
14) Sbe gur yvsr bs zr, V pbhyqa'g erzrzore guvf qrfcvgr bjavat gur K360 Xvat Xbat tnzr. Ohg, sbeghangryl, Oneore pnzr hc jvgu gur pbeerpg nafjre... Crgre Wnpxfba.
15) Oneore naq WP xarj gur nafjre... Pbhagvat Pebjf.
16) Nabgure tvzzr... Nrfbc.
17) Jr jrag jvgu Ryivf' Ubhaq Qbt, ohg gur pbeerpg nafjre jnf Urnegoernx Ubgry.
18) Jr gbbx na rqhpngrq thrff gung cnpuvfv jnf gur fnzr nf cnepurrfv. Vg gheaf bhg gung cnepurrfv vf na Nzrevpna irefvba bs cnpuvfv. Nf n erfhyg, jr tbg guvf evtug jvgu gur nafjre: sbhe.
19) V'z na vqvbg naq gubhtug Creh. Sbe fbzr ernfba, vg frrzf gung V'ir nyjnlf rngra Cnryyn ng Crehivna erfgnhenagf. WP lryyrq ng zr sbe orvat qhzo, naq pbeerpgrq gur nafjre gb Fcnva. Bs pbhefr, fur jnf evtug naq V jnf jebat.
20) Jr nyy qrpvqrq ba Nhfgevn, ohg gur pbeerpg nafjre jnf Vgnyl.

1 comment:

Duke said...

1. The Troggs
2. Naked Gun
3. Neck
4. forearm
5. Aquaman
6. 2
7. True
8. Alternator
9. no idea
10. Singapore?
11. no idea
12. Los Angeles?
13. Great Wall of China? I think the "seeing it from space" thing is bogus
14. Peter Jackson
15. no idea
16. Aesop?
17. Hound dog?
18. 4
19. Cuba?
20. Italy?