Monday, April 05, 2010

Pub Quiz - 04/05/10

We didn't make it to Pub Quiz last week since we were too tired after driving to SoCal for a wedding and then driving back late on Sunday night. But, it's a new week, and we made our way over to Trials. Not unexpectedly, we sucked, but at least we were in the top third. We tied with a few others for 8th out of 25 teams. We managed to get 11 out of 20, but I have to say that two of the answers to the Monty Python questions were bullshit in that they wanted very specific answers. The winning team got a whopping 17!!! That's just sick. Seriously sick.

Well, here's what you're all waiting for... the questions:

1. In the classic ditty, what costs "one a penny, two a penny?"
2. In Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life," what is Mr. Creosole's final morsel at dinner?
3. From 1943 onwards, NFL players were required to wear what in all their games?
4. In the 90s TV drama, which "Beverly Hills 90210" lead actress left the show early after a row with the producers?
5. What artist painted "Marilyn" in 1962?
6. What was the only thing that remained in Pandora's box after it was opened?
7. What Latin term meaning "Nourishing Mother" is often used by American universities?
8. What is the name of Dr. Evil's cat in Austin Powers movies?
9. How many Olympic gold medals did Michael Phelps win making him the most successful Olympian ever?
10. In the military, what is the first bugle call at sunrise known as?
11. What 1980 Richard Gere movie used Blondie's "Call Me" as its theme song?
12. Which country has the most radio stations?
13. What is Bono's real name?
14. What is the world's number one shoe care company?
15. What word for clergymen comes from a Latin word meaning "worthy of respect?"
16. John F. Kennedy was one of how many children?
17. What is the first Van Halen album after David Lee Roth left?
18. What is the capital of Poland?
19. In Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life," being a protestant is all about wearing what?
20. Whose heart does Robin Hood pursue in the classic tale?

And, now the answers along with some brief commentary. Everything is encoded in Rot13, so please copy and paste what's below into:

1. Gur nafjre gurl jnagrq jnf fcrpvsvpnyyl ubg pebff ohaf. Nalguvat ryfr jnf abg npprcgrq. Sbeghangryl, WP xarj vg. Ab jnl V erzrzore guvf bar.

2. Gur nafjre jr chg, ntnva sebz WP'f gevivn gebir, jnf qvaare zvag. Ubjrire, gur bayl npprcgnoyr nafjre jnf n jnsre guva zvag. Ynzr. Bguref nyfb rkcerffrq gurve qvfznl jura vg jnf znqr irel pyrne gung qvaare zvag jnf gb or znexrq vapbeerpg.

3. Guvf bar V tbg... uryzrgf.

4. Guvf bar V nyfb xarj, gur nafjre vf Funaaba Qburegl.

5. Jr obgu xarj guvf bar. Gur nafjre vf Naql Jneuby.

6. Guvf bar V tbg, ohg V guvax WP nyfb xarj gur nafjre, juvpu jnf Ubcr.

7. Guvf bar WP xarj evtug njnl. V jbhyq yvxr gb guvax gung tvira zber gvzr V, gbb, pbhyq pbzr hc jvgu Nyzn Zngre.

8. Guvf dhrfgvba vf gur frpbaq Nhfgva Cbjref' dhrfgvba va 3 dhvmmrf. Zrguvaxf jr fubhyq er-jngpu gur zbivrf. Gur nafjre, juvpu arvgure bs hf xarj, jnf Zvfgre Ovttyrfjbegu.

9. Nccneragyl, gung Curycf thl jba sbhegrra tbyq zrqnyf... fvk va Nguraf naq rvtug va Orvwvat.

10. Guvf bar jr obgu xarj. Erirvyyr vf gur pbeerpg nafjre.

11. Jr jrer obgu fghzcrq, naq nyy jr pnzr hc jvgu jnf Cerggl Jbzna, juvpu jr obgu xarj pnzr bhg zhpu yngre guna 1980. Gur pbeerpg nafjre vf Nzrevpna Tvtbyb.

12. Gur nafjre nf lbh zvtug unir thrffrq vf gur Havgrq Fgngrf, juvpu jr obgu thrffrq pbeerpgyl.

13. Jr unq nofbyhgryl ab vqrn gung Obab'f erny anzr vf Cnhy Urjfba.

14. Jr xarj jung gur evtug nafjre jnf... gur fubr cbyvfu pbzcnal. Hasbeghangryl, arvgure bs hf pbhyq pbzr hc jvgu Xvjv.

15. Nsgre fgehttyvat jvgu guvf fbzr, WP pnzr hc jvgu erireraq, juvpu jnf pbeerpg. Tvira zber gvzr, V guvax V trg vg nf jryy.

16. Jr gbbx n thrff, naq jr jrer bss ol n gba. Ur jnf bar bs avar puvyqera.

17. Jr unq ab vqrn. Gur nafjre vf svsgl-bar-svsgl (jevggra nf qvtvgf). V qba'g guvax ebg13 qbrf ahzoref jryy.

18. Guvf jnf na rnfl bar. Nafjre vf Jnefnj va pnfr lbh qvqa'g xabj.

19. Guvf jnf gur bgure ohyyfuvg bar. WP pnzr hc jvgu pbaqbz, juvpu ernyyl fubhyq or pbeerpg, ohg gurl jnagrq irel fcrpvsvpnyyl "Serapu Gvpxyref." V zrna, pbzr ba.

20. Guvf bar jr obgu xarj. Gur nafjre vf Znvq Znevna.

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Duke said...

1. No idea
2. Wafer thin mint
3. helmets
4. doherty
5. warhol
6. no idea
7. alma mater
8. bigglesworth
9. 8 in beijing
10. revelee
11. american gigolo
12. US?
13. no idea
14. no idea
15. reverend?
16. 9
17. no idea
18. warsaw
19. condoms
20. maid marian