Friday, September 05, 2008

Wet Seal Fan Page

Those of you who have used Facebook probably have seen those fan pages where you can become a fan of X, Y, or Z. There are probably thousands of them... you can be a fan of South Park, a fan of Cheerios, etc. Anyway, out of curiousity, I checked to see if I could become a fan of Wet Seal (WTSLA), and the answer was NO.

There did not exist a Wet Seal fan page. And, being the dork I am, I created one a week ago. And, now we're up to a whopping 104 fans! Ha ha. This is so silly, but I get a kick out of it.

Anyway, as the admin of that page, I can see the statistics kept for it. Here's a snapshot I just took. The plot at the top shows the growth of the fan base over the past week. They should hire me part-time.


Gary Lo said...

hey dude, its a whooping 92% female fan base man... and mostly 13-17 yr olds,,.

Brute Force said...

Ya, well, Wet Seal is a teen retailer, so the demographics of the fan base is totally expected.

Gary Lo said...

hey couldnt get u on msn these days, i wanna get a poker book on cash games, any good recommendations?