Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buying The Dip

I generally don't comment on my retirement portfolio, but I'll make an exception today. I picked up some Goldman Sachs (GS) today at $127 even. With the current $1.40 dividend, shares are yielding 1.1%, and GS should fare much better than others during this financial turmoil. Anyway, figured I'd put this down here so I can refer back in the future. I've been very, very wrong about the financials thus far (with C, and some XLF in the retirement account), but I'm sticking with my long-term plan for now.


gaamblor said...

screw the financials buy some KONG is back to cash and should turn a profit this quarter

Brute Force said...

Well, obviously I shouldn't have bought any GS. Only consolation is that since it's in my retirement account, it's a very small position. But... no surprise, I'm getting massively hurt overall right now.

I will put KONG back on the radar, and look into it. I'll take a look when they report and maybe put on a trade before then.

Enjoy Europe!