Monday, May 19, 2008

West Is Best Screw The Rest aka WIBSTR

I was down in LA over the weekend... more on that in a future post.

Anyway, while I was down there, Day 2 of the College Jeopardy Finals was aired. A young kid from Harvey Mudd College named Andrew Chung had made it to the finals. (Congratulations!)

By the time they got to the very last question, I guess he had drawn a blank and was resigned to the fact that he would be coming in third place, so instead of giving a real answer (err, question), he submitted a shout-out to HMC's West Dorm. For the curious, here's a link to HMC dorm descriptions.

All I can say is... that's just awesome.

Even more awesome than this Mudder's 15 seconds of fame.


gaamblor said...

on your head corybear

gaamblor said...

hey i've met that 2nd guy, he introduced himself at the wsop last year. he wants to be a poker pro but he clearly has a higher calling.