Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recap of Recent Weeks

I said in a previous post that I was down in LA not long ago... anyway, while down there we got to hang out with my buddy, Jorge, and his wife in Dana Point. We started off with some drinks at their place, then headed over to this wine and cheese bar called Purple Feet. Though I'm not too big on wine and don't know much about it or cheeses, it was hard to really appreciate the finer details of the evening. But, I must say that I was able to pick out which wines and which cheeses I enjoyed the most. And, I guess that's what really counts.

After our wine experience, we hit up a normal bar and had some more drinks and some feed before heading back to their place. We all had a nice night out, and it was really good to see them again. We talk all the time, but we rarely find the time to meet up. The next time I'm down in SoCal, I'm going to have to call up the GZA, since I'm way overdue to see him... and, I still haven't seen his baby daughter.

Okay, so this past weekend, my sister and Duke showed up along with my special guest, and we mostly didn't do anything but lounge around. We did get to play a lot of Rockband, and I still suck at it royally. I did pick up a new style of playing the guitar, because the normal style started causing my arms and fingers to cramp up. So, now I play the instrument as if it were a steel guitar. And, to think that I thought I had invented the new style of playing... I had dubbed it my 'piano' style. Ha ha.

In continuing my Best Picture Quest, I watched An American In Paris (1951 winner) tonight. It's a movie built around Gershwin's piece with the same name. I was entertained, and I felt the movie was lively. I suppose that it's considered a musical, but there wasn't a whole lot of singing in it. I mean there was definitely singing in it, but if dance-ical were a word, then that'd be a much better category.

There was a whole lot of dancing, and Gene Kelly, who played the lead role, is one hell of a dancer. That guy's got some serious skills, and he's very charismatic. I would think that he would definitely be the Brad Pitt of his generation. Anyway, if you enjoy musicals, I think you'd probably find the movie enjoyable. The plot is really quite simple, so it's a good one to watch if you're a bit tired and want to occupy yourself for a couple of hours.

I guess that's it for now, but before I end this... several people have been warning me about Lehman Brothers (LEH), and a couple have recommended it as a potential short (especially, if it rallies from here). Not sure if I will act on their recommendations or not, but it is now on my list of potential trades. Just figured I'd throw that out there for anyone who wants to do their own research on the situation.

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