Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poker Update

Well, the rake for the 8/16 game at Garden City was raised to $5 a month or so ago... or, so I heard. While that sucks, the game was wild and also had a half-kill, so the increase will probably be tolerated. However, I found out tonight that as of last Friday, the rake for the 6/12 game was increased to $5. That's a bit steep, and so I will not be playing there if I can help it.

I played in both the 6/12 and 8/16 games at Bay 101 this past week, and I'm happy to report that the rake is still $4. I've heard rumors that they might up it, but for now I'm going to play there exclusively.

Also, one quick update... the weird rule at Bay 101 that I brought up a month ago is no longer in effect. I guess management realized it was a dumb rule and got rid of it. Glad to see that it was so short-lived.

Anyway, that's all for now. Been running pretty well in poker lately, but nothing too interesting to report. But, I know the poker playing types that read my crap like to hear about hands, so here's a stupid hand that I played over the weekend. It says a lot about how ridiculous the players can get sometimes.

So, I'm at fairly competent table, save for two morons. If they weren't in the game, I'd be looking for a table change ASAP, but they are basically making the game for all of us. Anyway, I'm in the big blind, and everyone folds to the small blind. Now, it's customary to chop (players take their blinds back, and no hand is played out), because the drop is only $1 if there's no flop. The small blind is one of the two fish, and he's been chopping all night. It's bad etiquette to selectively chop. You either never chop, or you always chop.

Anyway, this time the small blind looks at his cards and yells out NO CHOP! I'm like, ugh, what a dick. Maybe he's got a big pair or something. To my surprise, he calls. This is retarded. If you're not going to chop, you really ought to raise. I look down and see K7o. I check my option.

Flop comes: 4 5 6 rainbow.

He bets, I call. Turn is a K, he bets, I call. River is a 3. He bets, I raise, and he calls. I say I've got a straight and turn over my hand. He says he missed his straight, and turns over T9o (???!!!). Like, wow. I don't get it. And, now you have a taste of the juicy nature of the games around here.

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