Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lights Out

You're not going to believe this horseshit that I just went through. So, guess what? No, not chicken butt. But, the electricity was completely out at the house tonight. All the neighbors seemed to have power.

After talking to PG&E, it turns out that Lennar (the homebuilder) somehow scheduled a shut-down of power for my address. How can this be when they are no longer on the account? WTF. Turns out (according to PG&E anyway) that "someone" named Lennar ordered the power shutdown, and because they did it through their automated system, no security checks needed to be done.

This is ridiculous. So, I asked them... if this is the case, you mean I can basically call up and shut down the power for those I don't like? Their official response was yes. They claim it is a loophole in the current system, which I believe is nutty.

If anyone from PG&E reads this... F you. Being without power for hours, and having all sorts of lame shit happen (fridge/freezer being without power is not a good thing) is NOT f'ing cool.

Let me reiterate, F you Lennar and PG&E. I need to call up Lennar tomorrow and bitch at them. Okay, I'm done telling my story. What horseshit.

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crestfallen7 said...

Wow, that's incredibly lame. With all the problems with the house, definitely F you, Lennar and PG&E.

You should definitely claim damages for lost food and spoilage and all that crap. That's so ridiculous.