Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earnings and a Pleco Cat

Tomorrow, EMC and Apple (AAPL) will be releasing their earnings report. EMC will do so before the market opens, and AAPL will do so after the market closes.

Hopefully, EMC's earnings will be just as strong as those that came out of VMWare (VMW) this afternoon. VMW jumped about 15% following its earnings release, and EMC, which currently owns an 85% interest in VMW, moved higher by 6% after hours. But, we'll see how they do tomorrow. I have a full position in EMC with a cost basis in the high 14's, would love to see a strong move higher to offset some of the recent disappointment brought about by Mattel (MAT).

Anyway, I guess I should get to the plecostomus catfish I got over the weekend. My old pleco died, and I needed to get a new one as my tank is starting to get overgrown with algae. But, the first couple smaller plecos I got got beat up and killed (I have a tank with aggressive African cichlids). So, I went to the pet store to get a large one, but they didn't have any. But, I got lucky.

It turns out the guy handling the fish section had a large pleco catfish that he was getting rid of, as it was getting too big for his community tank. So, he asked if I wanted to take it off his hands for $10. I said I would if it was in healthy condition. Anyway, I went over to his place, and the fish was fine, and the tank was in great condition, so I bought it.

It's a great price. A large plecostomus like the one I got would cost many times more than that. When I say large, I do mean it. It's a large fish.

Here's a picture of it in the bucket I transported it in. To give you perspective on the size, the ring you see is just under 11 inches across in diameter.


Jimmy said...

I have a question: how do you find out when companies are going to post earnings?

Brute Force said...

I use Briefing, but you can also find earnings dates on Yahoo. Try this link: Earnings Calendar.

But, if there's one that is important to you for whatever reason, always double check and confirm that the date is correct. Yahoo doesn't always have it right.