Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revisiting Lobsters and Indians

Okay, so you might recall the lobsters and indians bet from Thanksgiving that I mentioned a while back.

Anyway, Tiff showed me the weirdest thing today related to that phrase. Let's recap... before November of 2007, there was not a single instance of the exact phrase "lobsters and indians" on any page that Google indexed. That is quite some time before that void was filled by both Tiff and myself.

Now, look at the search... Google search for "lobsters and indians." Seriously, WTF. How is it that some random Russian independently creates a page with that never-been-indexed-before word triplet within weeks of Tiff, Rowr, and I coming up with it? I mean, this is beyond mere coincidence. The Russians are obviously tapping into our collective wisdom. This is intellectual espionage. I just might have to write my congresswoman about this.

On a serious note... W T F? That's really got to be up there with respect to weirdness level. Okay, I'm going to bed now... hopefully, I won't have any nightmares about this.

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