Sunday, December 23, 2007

Linguist in the Family

So, I have a cousin, Josh. I'd say that he's well-studied in linguistics; he holds a degree in that subject. Anyway, we recently got talking a bit via Facebook of all places despite us living relatively close to each other.

He checked out a few of my older posts and made a key correction and had a nice follow-up to another.

First the correction... check out this old post of mine regarding a non-sensical sentence. Well, the error lies not in the syntax, but in the semantics. As Josh says, the sentence is completely acceptable syntactically. And, he's right.

And, then there's the old post about the hierarchy of words and how capitalization is an indicator of status. Anyway, here's an interesting follow-up that he put up on his blog: De-capitalization and De-lexication.

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