Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick Update

I sold off Student Loan (STU), a long-time holding, today at 156.27. I will find a better place for those funds. The Citi mess doesn't really help anything. What's done is now done, and I can't really complain, as the stock has done reasonably well for me despite the liquidation good ways below its high.

I'd like to possibly add more to Mattel (MAT), but if I do so, I'll wait for today's Barron's blip to pass.


gaamblor said...

do you know why SLU fared so much worse in getting their securitization than FMD?

Market seems to be saying that FMD will be seeing asimilar fate soon

Brute Force said...

Can't say I know the answer to that, but things aren't pretty. I don't know what to think about FMD any more, really. Market is really a bloodbath today.

gaamblor said...

I really think FMD just gets sold for being a financial and the company for some reason won't step up and buy.

At least we got out of CCRT!