Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quick Poker Update and a Couple Hands

Well, I've been playing a lot of cards lately... and, I'm happy to report that I'm more or less back on the winning track again. 7 wins in the last 8 sessions. Last night was one of the better wins (> 50 bets, woohoo!). The tables are still great over at Garden City, and one of the recent sessions I hit up my old room, Bay 101.

One last thing to mention. The Chicken Marsala at GC is really quite good. I'm definitely up for some more of that the next time I play. Their Spaghetti Bolognese isn't so bad either.

Here are a couple of interesting (?) hands from last night.

The first one is where I paid off like a slot machine... so, I have black KK, and I 3-bet a guy that raised a few limpers pre-flop. BB calls 2 bets cold, and everyone else calls. Flop comes 3 low clubs... how did I know that I was drawing razor thin to a running boat? I was up against a flopped flush and a guy holding AQ with the big club. 4 bets on the flop, a bet on the turn, and I make the crying call on the river unimproved. I suppose I could have saved a bet there, but what can I say... I'm a loose slot [insert Beavis and Butthead joke here].

The other one was just really odd, and I never felt good about my hand really. So, there's this super-aggro guy that raises a ton of stuff pre-flop... borderline maniac. Anyway, everyone folds to him in MP, and he raises. I 3-bet him with AQs, and the button calls 3 bets cold. BB calls 2 bets, and super-aggro caps it up. We all call, and see a flop QT7 with 2 diamonds and a spade.

BB is a thinker. He plays pretty well from what I could tell, and he hasn't gotten that much out of line. Sure he takes the occasional shot at a pot, but what good player doesn't? Anyway, he bets out and super-aggro raises. I 3-bet my TPTK, and the button calls 3 bets cold again. What in the heck? BB now thinks a bit and he's obviously pained to be facing a 3-bet. He lays his hand down, and now super-aggro caps it up. We both call.

The turn is a harmless offsuit 4. Super-aggro bets, and I call. The button calls. The river is another brick... an offsuit deuce. Aggro guy now checks, and I'm thinking I've got a good chance to be good now, but I really have no idea what the button has here. I don't push my luck, and check. The button bets, and my stomach drops just a little bit. Ugh, nothing I can do but pay this guy off. Anyway, the aggro guy claims he missed a big draw and folds. I make the automatic call, not really expecting to win.

Lucky for me, the guy's post-flop skills need some work. He tables JJ and is somewhat surprised that his hand isn't good, and I scoop. Yay!

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