Friday, June 09, 2006

Logic of a Moron

So, I'm going to blog about this, because I'm a bit peeved by the situation. I think it's utter bullshit, but here we go... please provide me with your thoughts on this.

The Situation

A friend of mine, we'll call him TFR. He bought two plane tickets a few months ago. He finds out today that his companion might not be able to go on the trip. So, he asks me about it, and I respond that it might be transferrable with some penalty...

Here is the chat (with minor edits for clarity):

TFR: do you know if ticket is transferrable
BruteForcex: it might be for a fee... some penalty... maybe $50-150
BruteForcex: but i am not sure [if] there's a penalty on the ticket
BruteForcex: you need to call airline

Ok, so a couple of hours after this chat, TFR calls the airline and finds out that it is in fact NOT transferrable. He now blames me for getting his hopes up, and is pissed off.

Here's a taste (again, with minor edits for clarity and removal of vulgarity):

TFR: You're wrong and you don't what you're talking about.
BruteForcex: huh?
TFR: yeah f*** you
BruteForcex: ?
TFR: I just called [the airline] and i cannot transfer the ticket
TFR: Now I am dissapointed (sic) it gave me false hope
TFR: I am pissed at you

*this hate then continues for another 10 minutes, and it gets downright nasty*

And, right now, I'm not even sure if he's just screwing with me, or if he really feels this way. I should not be a mind reader, that's for sure. I should also not rely on reading people when playing poker.

Anyway, just wanted to get this off my chest, because if this is for real, then TFR's logic is ridiculous. The fact is TFR faces the issue of losing the ticket whether or not what I said turned out to be true. The only thing he can claim was my fault was giving him a sense of false hope. But, seeing as how I did not actively seek to deceive him and was simply misinformed, this is outrageous... especially, given the fact that I qualified my advice with some uncertainty (e.g. might be, need to call the airline, etc).

Ok, that's the end of my rant. And, TFR, you know who you are, I sincerely hope you were just f'ing with me. And, if you were, wow, you did a great job and got me good.

Would love to hear thoughts on TFR's logic irrespective of whether or not TFR is in actuality just busting my balls.


Anonymous said...

Two comments:
1. Definitely sounds like inappropriate and misdirected anger.
2. It would be fun to read the uncensored transcript, without the vulgarity edits :)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how you were supposed to know that he bought a ticket that was non-transferrable. The airlines have to notify you at the time of purchase that that's what you're buying, though it could be in the fine print.

I could see the guy getting mad at you if you insisted that the non-transferrability was somehow illegal and didn't mean anything, and then tried to coerce him into calling and wasting time with customer service on a dead-end project. It doesn't seem like this happened, though.

I'm usually surprised when a ticket I buy ends up being either transferrable or refundable, since I'm conditioned to think that they're not, since I always buy discount fares that have that stipulation, but that wouldn't preclude me from thinking that there's a >0% chance that someone else's ticket might be either refundable or transferrable.

Anonymous said...

agreed - there's no fault on you here. I would have said the same thing - I mean, it's worth checking to see if the damn thing is transferrable. You were trying to be helpful. Anyway, isn't it the "companion"'s responsibility to pay for the ticket if that person can't go? I'd think so...

Brute Force said...

I'm not that pissed any more about it... a good night's sleep certainly helps.

What happened is somewhat similar to a bad beat in poker when a donk sucks out on you in horrid fashion. You're just left to wonder what the hell was going through their mind at the time.